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About Lenkstark

About Lenkstark

Parts Providing Safe Driving

At Lenkstark, we are committed to realizing our potential and pursuing our vision of becoming a strategy-driven force that evolves alongside our valued stakeholders while delivering enhanced value to the industry. Our company remains dedicated to serving the automotive, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and defense sectors with products that align with our corporate values, all of which are meticulously designed and produced.


The primary objective of LenkStark is to ensure punctual delivery operations while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality. Our production processes are seamlessly integrated into systems that adhere to the principles of efficient flow and are promptly responsive to meet demands. We are dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of our production infrastructure through planned investments, augmenting our existing machinery and workstations.

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At Lenkstark, we hold the belief that our most valuable asset lies in our highly skilled and dedicated human resources. We are committed to enhancing our processes continuously, spanning from the recruitment process, personnel benefits, training initiatives, career development, to our performance management system. We actively share the enhanced value we generate with our team members. If you're interested in joining our expanding team, you can submit your application by completing the form provided below.